Whether it’s servicing your existing furnace or getting expert advice in choosing a new heating source, we can help you get the most for your money – taking efficiency, your particular home and fuel options all into account.  Our access to some of the industry’s most eco-friendly and effective units will have your home cozy all winter long!


Nothing creates atmosphere like a the warmth and beauty of a fireplace.  And nothing is more convenient than being able to turn it on with the flick of a switch.  We can offer you a wide variety of options in gas and propane applications, all expertly installed and serviced!


Dependable hot water supply in our homes is indispensible.  We can keep your home’s hot water ready for whenever you need it.  Whether you prefer to use a traditional Hot Water Tank or love the space-saving and efficient tankless water heaters, we can assess your needs and get you all the hot water you and your family need!


Radiant in-floor heating is a superb solution for creating comfortable, healthy homes, especially in basement applications.  Even garages can be kept warm using radiant heating!  Our experience and expertise will have your in-floor heating keeping your areas warm and humidity controlled.


Reliability and efficiency are two things people want most from their pool heaters.  We service all makes and models of pool heaters both gas and heat pumps, and can expertly install all gas lines and pool heaters necessary to help create the backyard landscape of your dreams!


Did you know that bigger isn’t always better?  A perfect match between your home’s size and the cooling unit’s capabilities will have your home climate controlled and comfortable during Ontario’s hot, humid summers!

Boilers and

Need a boiler serviced or installed.  We can assess your needs and recommend a great solution. We are able to provide installation and service to all atmospheric boilers and high efficiency condensing boilers.


An ideal solution for tightly sealed homes, an HRV system exchanges stale air from inside with fresher outdoor air. To ensure absolute comfort, the system captures heat from contaminated air before it is moved outdoors and uses the captured heat to warm the fresh outdoor air before distributing it through your home. The result is a constant supply of fresh air, no unpleasant drafts and greater home comfort.

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Our trained experts work with many of the leading heating and air conditioning brands to ensure quality service to manufacturer specifications.  We service and sell all the leading manufacturers, even providing warranty service if you need it!